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    About SARI

    Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute

    SARI is a small, non-government, non-profit organisation dedicated to working toward sustainable human existence. (Established in 1982).

    We are based on a 30 hectare property south of Nannup in the south-west of Western Australia.

    One of our projects is establishing a gene-pool of useful species relevant to our climatic conditions. We are having successes with plants from the Mediterranean regions, the temperate regions and the highland tropics.

    As a part of that process we began accumulating information on useful plants. We have now published several books on useful plants and are working on others.

    We teach Permaculture courses here and away.


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    Permaculture Plants: A Selection

    by Jeff Nugent and Julia Boniface


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    An easy to use guide to selecting

    hundreds of perennial species

    • An indispensable reference for Permaculture designers.
    • Plants to suit most environments.
    • Productive plants for land rehabilitation.
    • Nutritional and medicinal information.
    • Exhaustively indexed.

    160pp (A4 format) colour plates

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    Permaculture Plants: Agaves and Cacti

    by Jeff Nugent


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    The comprehensive guide to edible and useful Agaves and Cacti

    • Productive plants for land rehabilitation.
    • Plants which survive uncertain rainfall.
    • Snow and drought resistant plants.
    • Staples of ancient cultures.
    • Low effort emergency food.
    • Seed and plant suppliers.
    • Extensively indexed.

    104pp (A4 format)

    Second Edition Now Finalised

    User friendly and cheap Peter Travis, Cactus Garage

    The language is aimed at the non-botanical reader who wants his information in digestible form and simple propagation methods are provided,
    - cactus-books.com



    More Information


    Also in the pipeline:

    Permaculture Plants Palms and Ferns.

    e-mail us if you would like to be notified when this book goes to press 


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    Please e-mail us to receive information about our Consultancy Service.

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    Contacting SARI

    Please e-mail us at sari@permacultureplants.net

    or post a letter .to:
    Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute
    PO Box 10
    WA 6275

    Our telephone contacts are:
    (08)97561271 or (08)97561014

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