Pictures From Ngare Ndare Dryland Restoration Project. 
Taken August 2002 about 4 months after planting. 
(Thanks Michael)

There has been no rainfall since April.

Click on pictures to get a bigger image.

aerial.jpg (86978 bytes)Swales.jpg (72734 bytes)

From the air the swales are now visible as thin green lines against the dry background.

Pigeon flower.jpg (87260 bytes)Grevillia swale.jpg (130227 bytes)Crotons.jpg (134042 bytes)

Pigeon pea is now beginning to flower and acting as a nurse crop for trees in swales.

Acacia seedling.jpg (150409 bytes)Castor.jpg (140123 bytes)Samangua view.jpg (103617 bytes)

Acacia seedling from a planted seed and native castor oil plant (red flowers in central picture) also broadcast from seed in April are thriving on swale floors..

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